Magento integration

Magento integration

  • September 2, 2013
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As part of the Skepr integration program we have integrated Magento into Skepr and made it available for everybody. Check-in with our support desk via the contact form for more information or help with the configuration of your account.

Magento Order Fulfillment

Through our Magento API connection your orders will be synced and Skepr will dispatch your orders to the preferred pick, pack, and ship location. Once shipped, your Magento store will get new inventory values and carrier tracking information so you and your customers can track the shipment.

Supported functionality

1. Order Entry
Orders are submitted to Skepr from your Magento store automatically via the Order Entry API, so when your online store gets an order it is automatically dispatched to the warehouse you want to ship from (multiple warehouses are supported).

2. Order Tracking
All tracking information related to your orders is pushed to Magento automatically.

3. Inventory Status
You can query your inventory status globally, by region, or by warehouse. Find out when inventory will be next available on product that is out of stock.

4. Shipping Rates
Skepr provides real-time shipping rates at any time during checkout. You can configure your preferred service levels and rates per region.

Supported versions

The Skepr module for Magento works with Magento versions up to and including 1.7.x and has been tested with Magento Community, Professional, Enterprise and Magento Go.