Shipment management module

Shipment management module

Skepr introduces a new shipment management module. This new Skepr module manages the return shipments from field engineers and end-users [Today in use for a set of high-tech and automotive customers]. Skepr provides full visibility from the online creation of a shipment up to and including the delivery at the destination.

Managing returns is not something new on Skepr but in this specific process the shipper as well as the consignee doesn’t have to be a registered / predefined location or even a Skepr user.

High-level process:

  • Order is created online;
  • E-Waybill is generated by Skepr and mailed to Shipper;
  • Collection request is send to designated Carrier;
  • Shipper prints the e-Waybill and prepares the shipment for pick-up;
  • Carrier picks up shipment at Shipper;
  • Order update e-mail is send out to followers of the process;
  • Carrier delivers shipment at Consignee (incl. delivery exceptions process);
  • Order update is send out to followers of the process.

Full Track and Trace of the complete process is available on Skepr. Followers of the shipments are configurable per order, per order type and on a customer level.

Is your company doing a lot of shipments from and to a large number of non-predefined locations? Get in touch with Skepr via the Skepr contact form for more information or a demonstration.